Guess We Robbed A Gas Station

My wife and I received a letter from the SuperAmerica corporate office the other day accusing us of driving off from a pump (even noting our license plate number) and not paying for $20.00 of gas. This occurred two weeks ago, and they’re just now notifying us. We allegedly stole from their company and instead of calling the police, they wrote us a letter. Seem a tad suspicious?

Guess We Robbed A Gas Station Guess We Robbed A Gas Station polls time to call 911

So, naturally, I investigated. I accessed our online bank statements. And in fact, on the date specified by SuperAmerica’s security manager, we did make a purchase at the indicated store. But not for $20.00, for $26.00. Furthermore, it was deducted from our account and placed in their pockets so they can import more foreign oil. So their data is inaccurate, their accusation is false, and I’m completely baffled why the security department would not contact the corporate accounting department, which is located in the same building, probably two cubicles down.

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I'm getting this logo tattooed on my scrotum.

Now let’s wrap this rant up. They asked us to correspond by mail or reimburse them by credit card. By the way, the phone number on the letter was the actual corporate office number, which I called to verify. I chose to correspond by a letter as well, with evidence of the bank transaction history (omitting our account number naturally) and admitting my reluctance to reply as the letter seemed suspicious in this day and age of identity theft. I encouraged them to contact our bank or include the authorities. Lastly, and most importantly, I told them they lost a customer.

Guess We Robbed A Gas Station Guess We Robbed A Gas Station robbery7

Thanks for making honest people feel like criminals, SuperAmerica. And hopefully just because you saw a black woman at the pump and you had an internal glitch, you're not assuming she robbed you.

The point is this. You are a huge corporation that has drive-offs occur on a frequent basis. Your employees are instructed to call the police. In this instance, my wife would have shown you the receipt of purchase. Look at the facts before you start pointing fingers. You’re killing trees and wasting ink. You have our address, you have our credit card number, you know the bank, you have more than enough info to investigate the details. Thanks for wasting an hour of my life. I’m interested in how the company will reply.

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  1. Indigo says:

    Love this. Especially since I recently had my own brouhou with a corporation. Google none-the-less. My acct. got hacked. Everyone else under the sun had sent me notice asking me to simply change my password. Now Google, I imagine saw the same report everyone else did flying around the wide world cyber space conduit. Yet, they made me jump hoops for days refusing to relinquish my account back to me.

    Time wasted not for my protection, because they could. Such a simple matter. All they had to do was check the IP address which hasn’t changed in 3 years.

    Just like the accusation of theft. As you said all they had to do was double check their own records.

    It’s a horror story in itself how corporations are bullying their customers. *Raises eyebrow* – Should know better than to mess with a writer. Never know when they’ll end up in a storyline. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Wow… classy. Remind me not to get gas there when I come visit you in a couple weeks. Bastages.

  3. Well, since you like to steal cars from drunks, I wouldn’t put it past you to steal the gas put into it.

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