A Gripping 21st Century Pulp Novel

Recent review posted on Amazon for Patrick Rutigliano’s SURVIVING THE CRASH.

This is a cleverly plotted, nail-biting pulp tale, combining the best elements of twentieth century pulp novels, with some twenty-first century twists, such as a strong female lead character. Reminiscent of Howard stories, it gets your attention at the outset, and makes it hard for you to put down. Actually three episodes that form a whole, the three mesh together well. Great escapist fare, if you hanker for the fast and furious novels that were so popular in the Twenties and Thirties. Hopefully, this can be issued in a paper format as well, so you can experience the satisfying crunch of paper between your fingers! Bodes well for things to come from this author.

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Surviving the Crash final A Gripping 21st Century Pulp Novel A Gripping 21st Century Pulp Novel Surviving the Crash final

When the Stock Market Crashed in 1929…

When the stock market crashed in 1929, the bottom fell out from humanity, and things stirred in the dark. When night falls, beings emerge to scavenge the gang-controlled streets for the final holdouts. 

Monsters, cults, Tommy guns… for a crew of paranormal exterminators in the infested, rotten Big Apple, it’s all part of Surviving the Crash. 

SURVIVING THE CRASH by Patrick Rutigliano and Retro Rocket Press is now on sale for Kindle.

Buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KWPO5CC


Surviving the Crash final stock market crash of 1929, monsters, cults When the Stock Market Crashed in 1929... Surviving the Crash final