The Grocery Cart from Hell

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that I’m not the only one who despises that grocery cart in desperate need of a 100,000 mile maintenance. As soon as you start pushing it you know you should whip a U-turn, park it and grab a sparkly new one, but you grit your teeth and tell yourself to ride it out. More »

The Convention Chronicles

I’ve been on a literary convention hiatus for a couple of years now. Mostly due to a busier personal life: a more demanding day job, successful publishing house, the kids have gotten older and their lives more active and then trying to fit in writing amid the chaos. Drum roll please! Thanks to the kind folks at CONvergence I’ll be back on the panels, hoping to spread my industry knowledge with reckless abandon. More »

Hate Mail

I thought I’d post some hate mail from one man in particular, not only geared at myself but Skullvines Press. Enjoy, because it entertains the shit out of me! And I bet you can’t guess who said these wonderful things! More »

Race Traitor By Trade

I’m not lying when I say I hear comments about race on a daily basis, but if anything is ever directed toward me or used in a conversation with me I’m quick to address it. More »

Stages of Bodily Decomposition

I found this to be really intriguing. Hard to believe the human body is reduced to this process. Still trying to picture myself going through such a reversed metamorphosis. I grabbed and copied this delightful info from this link: More »


Cowboy Up! Freeing the Tupi in Bolivia

Coming soon from Bokalino Press, a non-fiction imprint of KHP Publishers, Inc. Cowboy Up! Freeing the Tupi in Bolivia by Jorge Reilly.

Cowboy Up color cover 2 cowboy up Cowboy Up! Freeing the Tupi in Bolivia Cowboy Up color cover 2

Do You Write With Patience?

Do you write with patience? I know I do. I’m sure 1/18th of the global population has been wondering if S.D. Hintz has thrown in the towel. First of all, I only do that in a locker room full of sweaty guys. Secondly, being an editor, writer, and full time blue collar man, pulling out the author card has its challenges, but one I’m still all too eager to embrace. Now is the time you ask: “So, what in the hell have you been doing?”

??????????? write with patience Do You Write With Patience? funny quotes picture 20

I’d like to say I’ve been penning another horror novel to add to my run, but the truth is I’ve been plunging into the depths of young adult/sci-fi/fantasy/adventure, which I’m sure is its own hybrid genre. Quite frankly, I know it’s one of the best tales I’ve written (with plans to turn it into a series) and sticks to the moral of turning a flaw into a forte. It is also a work that more than likely will not see the light of a day until I lock down an agent and/or mainstream publisher. I’ve put so much time and effort into it that I’m reluctant to settle for less. On the same token I’m a realist. While my hopes are as high as any author’s, I’m also aware that it takes extreme talent and latching onto the right people to have a shot at success. And still, I need to continue to write with patience.

funny_writer_author_parody_demotivational_case-r073cac804bd64be18091daaca929f735_izruf_8byvr_512 write with patience Do You Write With Patience? funny writer author parody demotivational case r073cac804bd64be18091daaca929f735 izruf 8byvr 512

So no, I haven’t quit writing, I’m just taking my sweet old time, tending my garden of grandiose storytelling, or so I tell myself. Write with patience. An author must sculpt with it. An author must submit with it. An author should embody it. A reader, on the other hand, can be as impatient as they want. Once they’re done reading your book, there’s ten million other authors to explore. It is the beauty of reading.

Bear with me, my friends. I write with patience. One day this golden book will grace your hands.

patience write with patience Do You Write With Patience? patience


Another 5-Star Review for THE WELLER

It’s another 5-star review for THE WELLER by Adam J. Whitlatch and Retro Rocket Press.

This post-apocalyptic adventure does not fail to disappoint. Fans of Mad Max, this is the one for you. Readers have been raving about it.

Check it out here:

weller7 Another 5-Star Review Another 5-Star Review for THE WELLER weller7

A Gripping 21st Century Pulp Novel

Are your ready for a gripping 21st century pulp novel? Here’s a recent review posted on Amazon for Patrick Rutigliano’s SURVIVING THE CRASH.

This is a cleverly plotted, nail-biting pulp tale, combining the best elements of twentieth century pulp novels, with some twenty-first century twists, such as a strong female lead character. Reminiscent of Howard stories, it gets your attention at the outset, and makes it hard for you to put down. Actually three episodes that form a whole, the three mesh together well. Great escapist fare, if you hanker for the fast and furious novels that were so popular in the Twenties and Thirties. Hopefully, this can be issued in a paper format as well, so you can experience the satisfying crunch of paper between your fingers! Bodes well for things to come from this author.

Need a gripping 21st century pulp novel to read? Buy it here:

Surviving the Crash final A Gripping 21st Century Pulp Novel A Gripping 21st Century Pulp Novel Surviving the Crash final

When the Stock Market Crashed in 1929

When the stock market crashed in 1929, the bottom fell out from humanity, and things stirred in the dark. When night falls, beings emerge to scavenge the gang-controlled streets for the final holdouts. 

Monsters, cults, Tommy guns… for a crew of paranormal exterminators in the infested, rotten Big Apple, it’s all part of Surviving the Crash. 

SURVIVING THE CRASH by Patrick Rutigliano and Retro Rocket Press is now on sale for Kindle.

Buy it here:


Surviving the Crash final when the stock market crashed in 1929 When the Stock Market Crashed in 1929 Surviving the Crash final