The Grocery Cart from Hell

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that I’m not the only one who despises that grocery cart in desperate need of a 100,000 mile maintenance. As soon as you start pushing it you know you should whip a U-turn, park it and grab a sparkly new one, but you grit your teeth and tell yourself to ride it out. More »

The Convention Chronicles

I’ve been on a literary convention hiatus for a couple of years now. Mostly due to a busier personal life: a more demanding day job, successful publishing house, the kids have gotten older and their lives more active and then trying to fit in writing amid the chaos. Drum roll please! Thanks to the kind folks at CONvergence I’ll be back on the panels, hoping to spread my industry knowledge with reckless abandon. More »

Hate Mail

I thought I’d post some hate mail from one man in particular, not only geared at myself but Skullvines Press. Enjoy, because it entertains the shit out of me! And I bet you can’t guess who said these wonderful things! More »

Race Traitor By Trade

I’m not lying when I say I hear comments about race on a daily basis, but if anything is ever directed toward me or used in a conversation with me I’m quick to address it. More »

Stages of Bodily Decomposition

I found this to be really intriguing. Hard to believe the human body is reduced to this process. Still trying to picture myself going through such a reversed metamorphosis. I grabbed and copied this delightful info from this link: More »


Panic No More

Skullvines Press is proud to announce that Shannon Ryan’s Panic No More will be published in early 2015.

This will be Ryan’s third novel and perhaps the most disturbing. What’s more creepy than having a satyr as your stalker?

SVP-logo panic no more Panic No More SVP logo

The Radio Rebellion

The Radio Rebellion is here! Join yours truly on The Funky Werepig tonight at 8pm CST for an hour of humor, chaos and castration. Greg Hall volunteered for the latter, that poor lass.

Be there or be a circle jerk… I mean square, yeah, that’s it.

Listen to the show here:!radio/c1x9v

wherepig The Radio Rebellion The Radio Rebellion wherepig

The Atom Smasher

The Atom Smasher and Murder Madness are just 2 of the classic stories in the May 1930 issue of Astounding Stories of Super-Science now on sale from Retro Rocket Press.

Buy the sci-fi/horror magazine that broke boundaries in the 1930’s here:

cover The Atom Smasher The Atom Smasher cover

The Official Trailer for Insanity

The official trailer for Insanity by A.R. Braun is here and produced by yours truly. It’s a collection of horror that will scare your socks off!

And don’t forget to buy the ebook here:

Watch the chiller here:

10656568_10204613361044258_196250115_n the official trailer for insanity The Official Trailer for Insanity 10656568 10204613361044258 196250115 n

New Marines Memoir on Bolivia

New Marines memoir on Bolivia hits the digital shelves from KHP Publishers, Inc.

Jorge Reilly risked his life for his country, and he was told to deny everything.

In this thrilling memoir of conflict and covert operations, follow Jorge from a troubled teen in Illinois to the U.S. Marines, where he found himself fighting to protect the Tupi people from Cuban revolutionaries in Bolivia.

Of course, his country wasn’t finished with him after that. There were services needed handled in post-war Vietnam and a task involving Stinger missiles in Afghanistan.

Cowboy Up! Freeing the Tupi in Bolivia offers a glimpse at a military life no one knew about until now.

Buy the new Marines memoir on Bolivia here:

Cowboy Up color cover 2 new Marines memoir on bolivia New Marines Memoir on Bolivia Cowboy Up color cover 2